Airport & Transportation


San Francisco International Airport - SFO

Airport Phone: 650-821-8211

Hotel direction: 13.8 miles NW

  • Alternate transportation: Super Shuttle; fee: $17 USD (one way); on request
  • Subway service, fee:  $8.65 USD  (one way)
  • Estimated taxi fare: $45 USD  (one way)

Driving directions from San Francisco International Airport - SFO

Follow the signs for the ramp to "Hwy 101 North San Francisco." Continue on 101 North 9.2 miles to the San Francisco freeway interchange of Hwy 101 & I-280. Move to the far right lane, following the sign for "North 280/Downtown S.F." Continue 10 miles and exit the freeway via the 6th Street off-ramp. Proceed straight down the off-ramp onto 6th Street. Drive 4 blocks to Folsom Street & turn right. Proceed 3 blocks to 3rd Street & turn left. Continue 2 blocks to Mission Street and turn left. The hotel's driveway, which will be within one block on the right, is located between 3rd & 4th Streets. 


Oakland International Airport - OAK

Airport Phone: 510-563-3300

Hotel direction: 20 miles NW

  • Alternate transportation: Super Shuttle; fee: $27.00 USD (one way); on request
  • Subway service, fee:  $4.05 USD  (one way)
  • Estimated taxi fare: $60.00 USD  (one way)

Driving directions from Oakland International Airport - OAK

Depart the airport parking & terminal areas via Airport Drive. Stay in either of the left two lanes and, within a mile, Airport Drive will become 98th Avenue. Stay in the middle lanes and, within a mile, you will approach the freeway overpass. Once on the overpass, move to the far right lane for the I-880 North/Oakland on-ramp. Continue 8 miles to downtown Oakland. Move to one of the two left lanes and follow the signs for "I-80 West/San Francisco." Proceed for 9 miles across the Oakland Bay Bridge (toll required). As you approach the City on the bridge, move to the far right lane and take Exit 2C "Fremont St/Folsom St." Once on the off ramp, move to one of the left lanes and take the Fremont Street exit. Proceed 2 blocks to Mission Street and turn left. Continue 4 blocks to the hotel's driveway which will be located on the right between 3rd & 4th Streets.  

Transportation Options

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) connects the San Francisco Peninsula with Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, Walnut Creek, Dublin/Pleasanton and other cities in the East Bay. For more than 40 years BART has provided fast, reliable transportation to downtown offices, shopping centers, tourist attractions, entertainment venues, universities and other destinations for Bay Area residents and visitors alike.



San Francisco Cable Cars run seven days a week with special schedules on weekends. For a complete updated listing of all cable car stops and time tables, visit  Exact change is required.

  • At Powell and Market streets, there is a cable car turntable which serves as the beginning stop for two lines, the Powell-Mason and Powell- Hyde lines.
  • The Powell-Mason line begins at the Powell/ Market turntable, and the line runs from there up and over Nob Hill and down to Bay Street at Fisherman's Wharf.
  • The Powell-Hyde line also begins at the Powell Market turntable and runs over Nob and Russian hills before ending at Aquatic Park near Ghiradelli Square. Both these lines end near Fisherman's Wharf, but at different areas, and the routes are significantly different. Paying close attention to the signs on the cable cars will help you distinguish where in Fisherman's Wharf you will find yourself.
  • The California Street line runs East-West from the Financial District, through Chinatown, over Nob Hill and stops at Van Ness Avenue. Since all the cars on this line have the same routes, the signs are painted directly on the car.